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So, as I mentioned in a previous post, this is perhaps one of my favorite topics. My personal goal is to write a 1000 word story, based off the picture I’ve posted, which will most likely be some form of medieval fantasy or sci-fi art.   For me, it’s an invitation to inspiration and creativity and I hope it ends up being the same for you. I sincerely enjoy writing….for me, it’s a great outlet, stress reliever and something I love to do. I hope you enjoy the story.

Windshear Mountain

This beautiful artwork was found at: http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=103270&lang=German.

This beautiful artwork was found at: http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=103270&lang=German.

Brekke lived in a fairly remote area, on a small mountaintop in the middle of the Eastern Vale Woods, whose Valley floor was covered in a thick variegated forest. It was autumn and the view from his year round mini-fortress was spectacular, especially that of Windshear mountain, which was covered in bright colored foliage that lit up the valley. Surprisingly, Brekke had come across this fortress by happenstance, when he decided to take a different route back from the city. There were two of these mini-fortresses, both long abandoned, but only one was in any shape to be used as a home.

He had originally chosen this spot, not only because it already had a structure in place, (and was free) but would allow his inventions to not be hampered by the regulations (and tariffs) he would encounter within the city. He also worried for the safety of others; after all, being an inventor was dangerous work.

Brekke had made many alterations to the structure, adding designs of his own that were not only to keep his inventive mind constantly working, but also to protect himself from would be marauders and thieves. The place was covered in cranes and pulleys, gears and gadgets, and every type of tool you could imagine. See, Brekke wasn’t your typical gnome. Yes, he was an inventor and YES, most gnomes WERE inventors, but he had one thing going for him that other gnomes rarely possessed…..Good Luck. For some reason, all his inventions usually worked. There was rarely a second design or revision. It was strange and Brekke often wondered when he would have to “pay the piper” for this luck. (As his human friends used to say); but he took it as a blessing…just like when he met an elf named Nar.

Nar was a wood elf who came to him almost exactly 2 months ago. He was intelligent, kind and whimsical, which could be best verified by the bright blue, pointy hat, adorned with a unique golden feather, which he wore over his bright, blond hair. Brekke had gone out scouting for some menial supplies one day, a little farther out than usual, when he had come across the lone elf fighting off a small patrol of goblins. Brekke always carried one of his invention weapons with him and couldn’t let the elf fight the goblins alone; so he jumped into the fray, with an uncommon bravery for a gnome. He pulled out a hand crossbow and loaded it with an especially large bolt of his design. He fired the bolt and in mid air, the bolt split into 8 individual bolts, peppering and killing the entire group of goblins in one shot! The look of astonishment on Nar’s face could only be matched by the big smile Brekke wore. After the skirmish, the two became good friends with Nar visiting on a regular basis.

After seeing the dazzling display of weaponry that Brekke had created, Nar persuaded him to make more, telling Brekke that he could sell them, using the money to fund his other inventions. Brekke thought it seemed like a good idea, so he started constructing more of the special splitting bolts. It would probably take him a couple weeks to construct enough of the bolts to make it worthwhile for the trip, as it would be a long journey with no town nearby.  So he decided to get started right away.

A couple weeks went by and most of the bolts had been completed; Brekke figured he would complete the last of them by the following morning, as he was desperately tired. He had been working long hours, mostly through the night, with Nar urging him on, using the promise of a hefty profit as encouragement. It was almost early morning and even Nar, who was there for moral support, was getting tired. Nar decided that he was going to retire upstairs and headed to his room.

Nar made his slow and tired journey up the lone tower which held the guest room. The gnome sized stairs were especially short and narrow, even for an elf, and made him feel claustrophobic, as he wasn’t used to such tight quarters. When he opened the door to his room, which it was for all intended purposes since he had been staying here more frequently of late, Nar immediately went over to the small vanity in the corner of the room, but not before closing and locking the door. Nar was not only physically tired, but tired of this whole charade as he slumped down into the small chair in front of the mirror. After pulling off his bright blue hat sporting a golden feather and placing it on the vanity, Nar looked into the mirror. He smiled at seeing his flowing white hair, deep purple eyes and ebony skin. Pretending to be a wood elf was irritating;  Nar knew though, that nobody would trust a Drow…not even Brekke. Most likely, Brekke wouldn’t have come to his aid during their first encounter, if he knew the truth.

Nar almost felt bad for the gnome. Brekke was soon going to be dragged into the Underdark, forced to slave away for the rest of his life for Nar’s matron mother and the House of Azzerinth. The gnome was intelligent, though obviously not intelligent enough to see Nar for what he really was. That negligence, is why Brekke deserved what he was getting. Plus, Nar would be rewarded well, (as well as any male Drow could be), but nonetheless, he would probably be made Patrol leader, which had its benefits.

Tonight, he was going to open the portal that would allow his Drow raiding party passage into the complex, pillaging the gnome’s inventions, gadgets and weapons, as well as taking the gnome prisoner. It was going to be a long and prosperous night….

Brekke watched through the two way vanity mirror as the Drow, who was now across the room, finished his spell that would open the portal that lead from the Underdark. The Drow raiding party must have been waiting, as they deftly scurried through the portal and into the room within seconds of the portal opening and without so much as a sound. Once they were all in, seven Drow in all, including Nar, Brekke smiled as he pulled down the large lever next to his vanity mirror.

The Drow raiding party only had a second to realize their error, as the walls quickly moved outward, while the ceiling and floor slammed together with a sickening splat. After a couple seconds, the Venus Fly Room Trap began to reset itself, the well oiled gears quietly revolving the floor, ceiling and walls back to their original positions. If only the trap could clean itself, Brekke thought to himself, as he made his way up to the trap room. He bent over; picking up the enchanted hat Nar had worn to disguise his true identity. He popped out the top of the bright blue, pointy hat with the golden feather (remarkably undamaged) and headed back down to his room. He placed the magic hat on a hooked rack near the entrance and lay down on his bed. Brekke was happy knowing that the hat he had lost in the woods some 2 months ago, was finally back home where it belonged. Completely exhausted, his eyes started to close, but not before they set upon the golden eagle mounted on the wall at the foot of his bed, for which the feather once called home.

Alright, so now it’s up to you guys to come up with your own 1,000 word stories for this picture.  Please send the short stories you come up with…here.   Aaaaaaaaand GO!


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