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So I’m crossing over a bit into brightmatrix’s domain of Magic the Gathering and out of RPG’s for a second, but I really wanted some input on a legacy deck I’ve created that I thoroughly enjoy playing. The deck is completely of my own design and is not just a copied shell of another deck out in cyberspace.  The name comes from one of the pivotal cards in this deck, the Deathrite Shaman, who really helps to keep things in my favor.  By the way, this deck was aptly named by brightmatrix himself!  He’s punny that way.

Please keep in mind when reviewing the deck that I’m a casual player.  I don’t play in tournaments and therefore there may be some aspects (like # of cards in the deck) that are not legal per tournament play.  I play for fun, with friends, but am always looking for a way to take my concept to the next level.

I really love this Golgari deck because it atypical for the most part, can be really fast, all of the cards have a purpose and its synergy with the other cards is endless.

Golgari Charm

Found the above picture here:

First a quick decklist:


4 x Deathrite Shaman

4 x Agent of the Fates

2 x Glissa, the Traitor

1 x Creakwood Liege

4 x Desecration Demon

4 x Phyrexian Obliterator



4 x Dark Ritual

4 x Undying Evil

1 x Abrupt Decay

4 x Krosan Grip



4 x Prey Upon

4 x Harmonize



4 x Lotus Petal



2 x Burgeoning

1 x Mirri’s Guile



1 x Garruk Wildspeaker

1 x Vraska the Unseen



4 x Evolving Wilds

3 x Forest

7 x Swamp

4 x Tainted Wood

4 x Woodland Cemetery


So what makes this deck fast?

Well, the Burgeonings are a great help early on to keep the mana flowing in direct response to the other player.

The Lotus Petals: Free mana, need I say more?

Mirri’s Guile: Helps you to manage what cards are coming next, especially if mana deprived or if specific mana is needed like for tainted wood and the phyrexian obliterator.

Woodland Cemetery and Tainted wood: For mana of both colors. Though there is a slight lag with the tainted woods if you don’t have a swamp out, it’s a cheap alternative to have 4 more dual lands on the board.

Garruk Wildspeaker: His +1 of untapping 2 lands is huge when you want to bring out an phyrexian obliterator with only 2 black mana on the board.

Deathrite Shaman: Exiling your evolving wilds or your opponent’s lands lost with an phyrexian obliterator encounter for some extra mana of any color.

Dark Rituals: For a quick phyrexian obliterator or desecration demon on round 1 coupled with a swamp and a lotus petal!

Now let’s talk about all the synergies:

Deathrite Shamans: As said earlier, exiling your evolving wilds or your opponent’s lands lost with an phyrexian obliterator encounter for some extra mana of any color. Plus, exiling some key instants or creatures from your opponent’s graveyard is a huge win, especially since you either gain 2 life or your opponent loses 2 life.

Agent of the Fates: First, it has deathtouch, so it protects you on the ground. Second, with the Heroic ability, if you cast prey upon or undying evil on him, you are usually killing 2 of your opponent’s creatures at the price of 1 or NONE of your own creatures (if undying evil was played on the agent or the opponent’s creature isn’t strong enough to kill the agent). I think this card is severely underrated, as controlling the board by forcing sacs for basically nothing, is pretty awesome.

Glissa, the Traitor: First, it’s a 3/3 first strike, deathtouch for only 3 mana. Plus, as it’s killing things, you’re getting free mana when your lotus petals come flying back from your graveyard into your hand and directly into play, (if it’s your turn), as they cost nothing. Thanks Glissa!

Creakwood Liege: Pumps out 3/3 tokens during each upkeep, helps my deathrite shamans to survive a lightning bolt and generally just power-ups everyone.

Desecration Demons: For 4 mana, you’re getting a 6/6 flyer creature that basically says, if you don’t sacrifice something, a badass is coming your way and if you do, you lose a creature and my demon becomes even MORE badass next turn. SICK card.

Phyrexian Obliterators: This is by far the sickest card in the deck. A 5/5 Trample with a special ability that scares EVERYONE, he is a force to be reckoned with. I love using prey upon on him, as you know no one is going to attack one unless they HAVE to, so prey upon forces this on them, usually resulting in agony by the opponent. Plus, it’s a round 1 casting with a lotus petal, a swamp and a dark ritual.

Dark Rituals: Key for getting out phyrexian obliterators and Desecration Demons.

Undying Evil: For triggering the Agent of the Fates heroic and keeping him alive. For keeping any of my other critters alive for one more round, for a cheap mana cost.

Abrupt Decay: I only have one in this deck, but I want more. An exceptionally versatile card which keeps your opponents in check. Plus, it can’t be countered and is instant speed. I hope that my critters can keep the opponent’s creatures busy, but this card is still a big win early game.

Krosan Grip: Another great card that is basically the best alternative to abrupt decay for enchantments and artifacts. Can’t be countered either.

Prey Upon: Perfect for my Agent of the Fates and my Phyrexian Obliterators. Outright kills a creature (or multiple creatures) with the agent and forces permanents destruction with the obliterators.

Harmonize: For a fast deck, you need to have SOME card draw, otherwise you’re sitting around waiting for one card to play each turn. That’s boring. This helps keep me flush.

Lotus Petals: Help to bring out turn 1 obliterators and demons, helps with mana deficiencies if I drew poorly, becomes a frequent mana source if glissa, the traitor keeps bringing them back.

Burgeoning: Speeds up the deck considerably, getting the lands I have out very quickly.

Mirri’s Guile: Helps to give you a choice of what’s the best card needed out of your top 3.

Garruk Wildspeaker: His +1 gives you a huge push on mana when you need it. His -1 is ok, bringing out a 3/3 creature for defense instead of him and his ultimate isn’t a game changer, but when it turns my demons into 9/9 trample and my obliterators into 8/8 or my fates into 6/5 deathtouch, it makes a difference.

Vraska the Unseen: Though she doesn’t seem powerful, the fact that for -3 loyalty, she can just destroy a non-land permanent, is just awesome. It’s always nice to have some additional removal. If anyone attacks her, she is most likely going to kill that creature either using her +1 or her -3. Her ultimate is just fun. If the other player doesn’t have enough creatures on the board, next turn, it’s game.

Evolving Wilds: Great food for the deathrite shaman to score some additional mana early on.

The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Anyways, I would love to hear any and all feedback on this deck.  I know some of the combos above had some redundancies, but overall, the deck has some great synergy.  Would love to hear your thoughts!





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