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So, when I ended up playing a Bard for my friends Shadowdale D&D 4E group, mainly due to the fact that the campaign was promising to be more skills than combat heavy, I decided I needed something I could use to really take the reins of the leader role and organize it into something that was simple and user friendly.  I generally play the combat driven character, so this was a welcome and much needed change.  That is when I created this skill bonus spreadsheet.

Here’s what the spreadsheet looks like:

Skills Spreadsheet

So far the sheet has been very beneficial for myself as a player and as a DM.  Here’s why:

1. Handy reference for the group’s leader, providing one stop shopping for all skill challenges.

2. Showcases each of the PC’s best skills, without having to fumble through all the character sheets.

3. Highest skill bonuses are color coded in each skill, with Gold and Silver respectively, for a quick visual of who has the best bonus to their roll.

4. It helped me to determine where our group’s skills are lacking, by showing the # of PC’s that are trained in each skill. (i.e. A group Stealth check past some Gnoll guards might not go over well, since my group only has 1 person trained in Stealth; however our group seems to be really intimidating, so maybe we can bust in and try using fear to bypass and confuse the guards long enough to take them out.)

5. I find it to be a handy reference for me when I’m the DM as well.  With the sheet, I know the capabilities of my players and can use it to adjust my campaign’s skill challenges based on the strengths/weaknesses of the players skill set.  Plus it includes passive skill check information, which is always good to have handy.

6. Contains some averages and totals, which are all auto-calculated by excel, to see where each player stacks up in comparison to each other and/or may be lacking.  This includes passive perception and insight to be automatically calculated once you put in your respective perception and insight bonuses.

If anyone is interested in a copy,  you can download the excel file here: Group Skill Spreadsheet. Hope it helps!

If you have any ideas on how to improve it, or if I’m missing something critical, please let me know.




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