Left with Nothing


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This week’s article is going to be on a Magic: The Gathering deck I constructed back in the late 1990’s.  It continues to evolve, like any good deck does, but I’m surprised at how little considering the 20 year time-frame.

This legacy deck is a mixture of land destruction, discard and creature removal.  Its main focus is to cripple you early through discard and land destruction, killing any creatures that manage to make their way through and then either pull out the big guns or whittle you down with the little guys until the end.  It’s not a slow deck, but is not entirely fast either.  90% of the deck is 3 cards or less, but most of the key cards have a casting cost of 3 mana.  The powerhouse of the deck is none other than the phyrexian obliterator, which is used to clean up and finish the job.

Here’s a current rundown of the deck.

I think the reason why this is one of my favorite decks of all time, is not only the high success rate (which obviously helps), but because it was one of the first decks I created that I had not seen replicated.  Sure there were land destruction decks out there, but I feel like I took it to my own unique place, instead of some copy of what the pros were using.

Some of my favorite combinations of this deck:

I love a first turn dark ritual and mindstab thrull, to follow up on the second round with a hymn to tourach.  The opponent losing 5 cards in one turn is pretty badass. (with the sacrifice of the thrull)

A second round phyrexian obliterator with a dark ritual is a beautiful thing as well.

Why I love the cards in this deck:

Hymn to Tourach is one of my favorite cards due to its random factor.  You can really screw up combinations with a few well picked discards.

Wrench Mind is one of my favorites and an underrated card I think.  In most cases, in order to get someone to discard 2 cards, you’re looking at a 3 CMC on average, with Hymn to Tourach being the exception.  This card gives you 2 cards for 2 mana, unless they discard an artifact.  Usually, I only put artifacts in my deck that I really need.  The meat and potatoes of most decks, do not include artifacts (unless it’s an affinity deck) and generally, since artifacts in decks are usually pretty powerful, either option is a win-win for me.  2 less cards or possibly a game changing artifact?  Sign me up!  This is especially important because black has so little options for artifact removal, other than getting it out of the hand before it makes it to the board.

Sphere of Resistance:  Now this card was a replacement to my Nether Void.  I only had one void and while it was completely awesome, it was more worthwhile to have something I could rely on getting.  With 4 spheres in the deck and the land destruction, it makes it really hard for the opponent to cast anything.  For 4 mana, I can cast a sinkhole and then throw out a sphere, crippling an opponent.

The phyrexian obliterator is the monster of this deck.  If I can pull one of these out on a turn 2 with a dark ritual, I am a happy man.  These guys are BEASTS.

So the reason why I named this deck “Left with Nothing”, is because the deck is designed to leave you with no lands, cards, creatures and eventually….no life.

Let me know what you think!


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