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I found this online (not sure where) but it was the closest thing that matched. Sorry to the artist I’m not sure who created it but it’s really good. (It says DDR, if you know please tell me.)

As this holiday tends to do I think about all the things I’m thankful for, a wonderful family, awesome friends, two jobs I enjoy, and gaming. Yes, gaming. I’m very thankful for a hobby, actually a group of hobbies that I enjoy greatly, either alone or with friends. It really is how I spend much of my free time and I never look (as some in my past have stated) that I’m wasting my life I look at it as a life well wasted. Simply because I’ve asked people what I should be doing instead usually their answers seem to be a waste of time to me. I’ll stick to what I enjoy and let them choose their view of my hobbies I’m too busy having fun.
I’ll start with video games, I’m very thankful for video games. Here is a hobby I’ve enjoyed since my first Atari 2600 and enjoy to this day with my new Xbox One. It fills most voids of time in my life. I play when I’m home and have the time to dedicate to a great game. Why would I not enjoy a great, moving story (many games I play are heavily story focused) not just one where I passively sit and watch but I’m interacting with and even with some I’m changing the story around me. My input into the world affects the outcome of the story and game. I’m thankful for my handhelds as they fill my in between time, from my first Tiger handhelds to my 3DS XL and even my iPhone contain games I’ve loved and will keep forever and take with me wherever I go. Gaming on the go has changed how I view long car rides as a child to my prep periods when subbing. It gives me time to interact with a micro world where I can have the fun of a console in the palm of my hand. Granted some are more involved than others but each fills a different need. When I desire a quick game when waiting for the kids to finish up with their sport I grab my phone for some Battleheart or when I’m away from home and have some time to delve into Zelda: Two Worlds it gives me exactly what I need at the time I need it. Speaking of giving me what I want if I’m home on some dark stormy night I may want something to throw a little scare my way so I’ll throw on some Bioshock and get lost in the frightening world of Rapture or if it’s snowing and I’m feeling a chill I’ll put on some Skyrim and feel the wind as I ascend the Throat of the World or just want to spend a spring afternoon wandering around Hyrule it’s right there for me. It also allows me to connect with my friends, Jinx and I will spend days running all over Pandora, from Thousand Cuts to The Dust raining havoc to fill our wallets and gunning for that legendary loot. I don’t even know how much time I’ve spend with my friend Kirk (aka Endus or Mode) running some Gears of War. From the first to Gears 3 we’ve chain sawed and Hammer of Dawned so many Locus I lost count the whole time laughing and having a great time in either multiplayer or coop. To say it has enriched my life doesn’t begin to explain how I feel about video games.

Now let’s take a look at the table and see some RPGs, because I’m thankful for them as well. I started way back in fourth grade with my first purple box of D&D. Not really knowing what I was getting myself into and how it would be something I would hold onto for the rest of my life. Way back in my childhood I played with my friends who I’ve always played any games with and we had fun. We never really read the rules and kind of made our own and to be honest as we went along but it was still fun. I loved rolling up characters and seeing them fleshed out on the character sheet. (I still love it to this day, more later) and getting to sit with my friends in one of their basement (yeah we were those guys) was so much fun. I played a bit more regularly in college and loved every minute of our weekly Thursday night Cyberpunk games where we would have a bunch of people over at our on-campus apartment and would play for hours. Then I took a bit of a break from role playing, not that I didn’t look over stuff I had bought wanting to get back into it, finally though I got my chance and I grabbed it with both hands. A few years ago Jinx asked if I would join a game he was involved in and it reignited my love of the game that I had only looked over but not played. It was great soon I was sitting around a table of new friends and playing D&D 4th Edition. My Drow Rogue was so much fun to play and role play it was back in my blood and I haven’t looked back since. Currently I’m playing with a group of friends some new, some I’ve known forever and I look forward to every game (even though its usually every other month). We are currently playing Shadowrun and looking down the barrel at D&D 5th Edition soon. Loving Shadowrun and really looking forward to D&D. There are really three things I love about my tabletop games. First I love rolling up characters. It is so much fun, as a role player I get the idea or a vague framework for a character and then begin building him/her both mechanically (so the work in-game) and role playwise so I know who they are and can play them effectively. Next I love the game, setting, NPCs, enemies the world created for us to play in. If your DM is doing a good job (like all the ones I’m lucky enough to play with) you’ve got a whole world that can feel real and you feel you fit into it. Finally, I love playing with my friends. Nothing is better than getting together with a bunch of guys/girls to have fun, challenge each other and work together toward your goal/quest. People joke about D&D being a nerdy game that you have to play with other people and it can be true some nerds have a hard time with that but I’m happy to report that my games are all filled with awesome people having a great time. Bonus to me it gives all of us an excuse to get together when just hanging out (without the goal of a game) might make it impossible. So, very thankful for all my gaming with friends.

I’m going to throw board games in here real quick as well. Since my wife really doesn’t play video games (except for her iPhone) and only tried Cyberpunk once (and never again) I’m thankful for board games so I can play games with her and my kids (two girls). My kids (like Mom) mostly play on their iPods and are slowly getting into console gaming so most of our gaming together is board games. We play games like Sorry Sliders, Othello, and Pirate Dice, I’m banned from Monopoly in my house (seriously you flip a board once or twice and you get banned) and I’ve even got the girls to play and enjoy Dungeon. When I used to get together with my extended family at the beach house my grandfather used to rent we would spend almost every night playing Rummy 500 (a game I now play with my wife’s family at a similar location) and it was some of the most fun with everyone I have ever had. We play with 8 to 10 people crowded around the table with 2 decks in play, everyone loud and very into the game, really what beats that.

So this is really a short post for me but with all the holiday shopping a running around I just wanted to stop and think about some of the things I’m very thankful for and definitely one of them is gaming. It brings so many of the things I love together, family, friends, creativity, fun, and so much more under one concept or idea…games. So from all of us a 3-sided-die.com, we hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving with people who are important to you and hope you keep playing.

As we enter the holiday season and all talks turn to gifts what are you really hoping for? I’ve got a list like a mile long for games or game related material from Xbox, 3DS, to some new stuff for 5th Edition D&D. So let us know in the comments, what are you hoping for?

Thanks for reading, Ness.

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