The Challenge….and its first VICTIM.


So I recently decided to challenge myself with going through my entire xbox 360 video game library (a good 60 or so games) and play all the games that have been sidetracked to big name releases like Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands: The Pre-sequel.

One of the games I never really gave a chance or put in, was “Enslaved: Odyssey to the West” and I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

It’s a game about two people who were enslaved, are trying to escape a slave ship that has been damaged and trying to make their way home.  Their lives are intertwined though I won’t spoil anything with the details.  There are two main characters with a third that comes much later in the story, but the commentary between the two and the interaction was done fairly well and I did find it to be entertaining.

Though it didn’t take me very long to beat the game, i thought graphically, it was beautiful.  Gameplay was fairly easy, but I wasn’t looking for something difficult, I just wanted a game I could sit back and enjoy it for what it was.  I loved how in the beginning of the game, you’re trying to escape from a ship that is going down and the only way to the escape pods is through the outside of the ship.  Climbing and swinging all over the place, with handholds breaking away or fuselage blowing past you, it was really well done.  It wasn’t difficult finding the next handhold or where to jump next, but at the same time, if gave you the necessary feeling that you better hurry up or things aren’t going to go well for you.

There are various mech droids that you need to take out using different strategies or methods, but most of the time, hints are given to help you along, especially with the boss fights.  They do a good job of mixing up the fighting with avoiding mines, a couple (but not an exorbitant amount of boss fights), chasing scenes, driving around on a boat while gunning down mechs, as well as a very temperamental hover board known as a cloud, which is not very easy to control, but fun to move around on.


Here’s a good look at a running scene, where you are actually running towards yourself, so you don’t know what obstacles are going to come next.  Tricky.


The environment however, steals the show, as you can see.  The graphics are beautifully done and really give you the feeling of a post apocalyptic world, with 200 years of plant growth and building decay.  It felt real to me and it was one of the most enjoyable things I found in this game.  Though it is for the most part a linear game and not one you can explore, most of the maps provide a decent amount of space for looking around, climbing, jumping, swinging and enjoying the environment.


Another aspect of the game is the ability to collect points that allow you to upgrade your health, shields, combat styles and your staff.  Health includes overall health and regeneration.  Shields include overall shields, as well as blocking or # of hits before giving in.  Combat includes extending duration of stun attacks, counterattacks, etc and your staff, which gives it additional room for ammo, more power, supercharging it, etc.  The staff is a versatile weapon that is used in combat, used for stunning mechs, you can shoot stun or power bolts out of it (which are necessary and is used for blocking, putting up an energy shield.

The characters were interesting, but I wouldn’t say deep.  The story was straightforward and went where I expected it to go, but still kept my interest.  Overall I would give it a 6/7 out of 10.  For my first victim of the challenge, for something I originally (though not sure why) had low expectations of, it turned out to be just what I needed.

My next victim is “Tales of Vesperia”, which I’m already a good 3 hours or so in.

Would love to hear your review on Enslaved, so please feel free to let us know!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year from 3-Sided-Die!


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