Brick – My Troll Tank in Shadowrun 5th Edition

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To keep in theme with Ness’s character background information, I thought I’d share one of my favorite characters to play, Brick. (named after the Borderlands 1 playable character)  He is a troll tank that has the strength to punch through trucks as if they were made of aluminum foil.  By far, a force to be reckoned with.

Now this character was made using the rules in Run Faster (Sum to 10), which allow you to pick priorities based on a point system.  Priority A costs 4 points, Priority B costs 3 points, Priority C costs 2 points, Priority D costs 1 point and Priority E costs 0 points respectively.  You are allowed to take up to 10 points of priorities, without having the same one twice.  What that means is that you can take an A priority, two B priorities and two E priorities, but no two of them can be the same.  (You can’t have two priority A’s that are both Resources for instance.)  Anyways, for Brick, I went with my Priority A as Metatype, my Priority B’s as Attributes and Resources and chose priority E for Magic and skills.

Now, a little bit about Brick:

Troll Tank 2

Brick was a bouncer. Cliché, I know…but see, he bounced for a club that was inhabited strictly by the Seattle police. They only wanted the best…someone who could make sure nobody crashed their party without feeling the wrath; so they hired him. They call him Brick, because when he punches you in the face, you WISH it was a brick, because it feels more like you were hit by a fire hydrant filled with grenades. Anyways, the police trusted him, let him into their circle, you could say. After hours, they would chat it up and Brick became somewhat aware of their standard protocols and whatnot. He’s not good at remembering much, not book smart and whatnot, but he remembers what he REALLY NEEDS to know.

Since Brick was employed through them, he was entitled to some perks. This included discounts on cyberware/bioware upgrades, a hefty paycheck and the police never hassled me about the gear he was carrying.  Normally, spurs and a giant katana are frowned upon without the proper license, but it wasn’t an issue, as after all, he was protecting them.  His shotgun was given to him by his police buddies.  Anyways, he was well trusted throughout the police community and became particularly good friends with the barkeep, Jessiana, an Elf with a listening ear everywhere. She keeps Brick up to date …now that he no longer works for the police.  Why do you ask?  Well let’s hear it from Brick’s perspective:

It’s not a long story, but basically, Jessiana and I were hanging out one night, our only night off.  She was beautiful and it almost seemed like this would be considered a date, though I wasn’t pressing the issue.  I wasn’t that good at these things and so I was taking my time.  That’s when it happened. We heard the call over our comm links, tuned into the police scanners.  The club was raided by an unknown group, who we later found out to be the Wuxung Corporation.  The word is, the police were becoming too heavily handed with on their shipments, so a change needed to be made.

They are still trying to clean up that mess.  So many people dead.  I lost a lot of good friends that night, as well as my job, at least until it re-opens…if it re-opens. I wonder what would have happened if I was there to protect them? That’s what everyone down at the precinct always says to me. Too bad Brick wasn’t there, he would have saved the day. It’s a compliment and a curse. It was my night off…everyone needs those once in a while, but I feel guilty.  I could have helped save the lives of over 30 policemen if I was just there. Jessiana was beaten up about it too.  For someone who has their ears everywhere, she hadn’t heard nothing about the raid. 

I just keep thinking to myself…all they would have needed was a little time.  So they could get out of their chairs and some guns into their hands, but instead they were mowed down;  if only I was there.

To say the least, I’m an unhappy camper now. An unhappy troll is never a good thing. This tusker is PISSED. Am I going to destroy Wuxung Corporation? Yeah, I am. Do I beat the crap out of everyone I think even has a remote connection to their corporation? You betcha. Does the Seattle police department care? Not in the least. We were all devastated by this loss and the Wuxung know it. I’m sure they are biding their time until their next strike, but until then, I’m going to make them pay….BRICK STYLE.

So here are the big guys stats:

 Armor + Body:       32          (+12 from Jacket, +3 Rhino Hide, +6 from Cyber Limbs, +2 from his Helmet +2 and +9 for his body rating)

Essence:                1.25        (-3 Wired Reflexes, -.90 for cyber arms, -0.25 for foot, 0.6 for Muscle Augment and Toner)

Initiative:             8 + 3d6

Inherent Limits:                                  Physical: 12                          Mental: 4              Social: 3

Condition Monitor Boxes:                 Physical: 13                          Stun: 11               

 Priority A – Metatype – Troll (5)

Priority B – Attributes = 20 Points, all stats start at 1, unless otherwise noted.

Body – 9     Agility – 4 (6)     Reaction – 3 (5)     Strength – 10 (11)     Willpower – 5     Logic – 1     Intuition – 3     Charisma – 1     Edge – 6

Priority B – Resources – 295,000 Nuyen + (including 10 Karma spent for 20,000)

I spent the majority of my money on cyberware, but also on the following weapons:

Katana  – Mainly because of it’s high accuracy, damage output, reach and armor penetration.      Enfield AS-7 Shotgun – Because shotguns are fun.

Pole Arm – Because it gives me a reach of 5 with my elogated arms quality.

Now on to the fun stuff, Cyberware/Bioware

Both Lower Arms (Capacity 10) – +2 Armor

Spurs (Strength + 3P), Armor Penetration: -2

Accuracy: 12 (Inherent Limit Physical = 12)   Dice: 14d6 (Unarmed Combat 6 + Cyber Implant Weaponry 2 + Agility 6) Damage: 14P — Strength + 3P (Spurs) Add Net Hits to Damage. (+2 DICE WHEN CHARGING AND -2 penalty to defender due to reach!)

Right Foot: +2 Armor

Wired Reflexes – Rating 2

Muscle Augmentation – Rating 1 (+1 Str)

Muscle Toner – Rating 2 (+2 Agility)

Priority E – Skills  18/0 – Specialized denoted with a *.

 Individual Skills:

*Blades – Rating 6                                               Specializations: Katana

*Longarms – Rating 5                                          Specializations: Shotguns

Running – Rating 1

*Unarmed – Rating 6                                          Specialization: Cyber Implants

Free Fall – Rating 1

Pistols – Rating 1

Thrown Weapons – Rating 1

Computers – Rating 1

Perception – Rating 1

(6 Karma spent on Rating 1 skills, 2 Karma on Specializations)

Knowledge Skills/Languages:  (Language – English – Native)

8 Free Skill Points to spend (Logic 1 + Intuition 3) x2 = 8 points

 Professional – Military Procedures – Rating 3

Professional / Street – Police Procedures – Rating 3

Professional – Clubs – Rating 2

 Priority E – Magic or Resonance – NONE

Positive Qualities:

Magical Resistance – Rating 3:          (-18 Karma)

Rhino Hide                                            (-7 Karma)

Post Character Creation Positive Qualities:

Elongated Arms:                                   – 8 Karma. Increases reach by 1. +10 cost increase in clothing/armor.

Magic Resistance:                                -12 Karma to get upgraded to Magic Resistance – Rating 4

Negative Qualities:

Prejudiced (Wuxung) – Radical (+10 Karma)

Uncouth (+14 Karma)


When one melee fighter has a reach advantage over his opponent, compare the Reach of the two opponents and calculate the difference; this difference in Reach is applied as a modifier to the defender’s dice pool, whether positive (defender has longer Reach) or negative (attacker has longer Reach). Trolls have a natural Reach of 1 that is cumulative with weapon Reach.

CHARGING BONUS Notes: This bonus is gained on any melee attack made while the attacking character is considered running (see Movement, p. 161). Along with receiving this bonus, attackers can ignore the customary –2 penalty to skill checks made when running. (Normally get a +4, but with general penalty of -2 to all actions when running, this nets to be a +2 BONUS when charging into melee)

So, that’s the basic gist of my character Brick.  He’s a tank, but he has some depth.  He knows what he wants and if he doesn’t get it…he’ll find a way to make everyone pay.

During one adventure, he was able to kill 11 guards, 5 of which were killed by grabbing one of them, using him as a human shield, and with the other hand, pulling the pin off a high explosive grenade and dropping it next to 4 other guards.  Sure, I had to use some edge to make sure I didn’t die (good thing my armor & body is so high) and to make sure the grenade went right where I wanted it, but man, turned them all into CHUNKY SALSA!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. “He’s a tank, but he has some depth.”
    “he’ll find a way to make everyone pay.”
    ” turned them all into CHUNKY SALSA!”

    Just so’s you know? “Brainless raving sociopath” does not equate to “having some depth”, ok? The one thing that makes this character stand out is, he’s even more mindlessly violent than the stereotypical troll. That’s all.

    • jinx_the_bard says:

      As I mentioned to joshjohnson, having a low logic doesn’t equate to brainless. (“a character with a logic of 1 has a sub 75 IQ. This doesn’t mean your character is considered intellectually handicapped, but you’d be a candidate for special education in most states education system. You can be expected to perform unskilled labor just fine.”)

      I can understand that you think he doesn’t have any depth, as without having the context of his Shadowrun group, how things have played out, how I run him as a character, it may seem that way, but I feel like he has a purpose and there is a story to be told. I built him to be the brute force of the group. That’s his job. That’s what gets him hired when his logic and charisma attributes would fail him. I optimized him mechanically for the fun of it, to see how far I could push his limits. The Chunky Salsa bit was specifically for guards that were part of the corporation that murdered his police family. He reveled in their demise because of his hate towards the corporation and everything about them. Plus, it’s a poke at the term referenced in the Shadowrun book.

      Not sure why you think he is raving sociopath, but considering that his life dramatically changed when those that were kind enough to hire him as a bouncer and became his friends and family, all died on one of his rare nights off, is something that would set just about anybody off. Sure, in certain situations when that corporation is involved, he can be considered barbarian-like, raging and destroying with no remorse, but nothing about his background or character points to brainless raving sociopath. What would you have done differently? If you have some constructive criticism, by all means, please share it.

  2. johnsonjosh says:

    Logic and Charisma 1? I don’t think this dude will “finds a way to make everyone pay”. I Highlights doubt He will even find the way to his Johnson. Who hires such a bouncer? The combat stats are Impressive, but your 4 magic res will Not Help you against mages with direct combat spells or mindfuckery.

    • jinx_the_bard says:

      I can see where you’re coming from, but with a 5 willpower and the 4 magic res, that gives him a pretty good fighting chance, considering he is meant for brute force. Sure his logic is low, but that doesn’t mean he is incompetent. Looking at the forums, “a character with a logic of 1 has a sub 75 IQ. This doesn’t mean your character is considered intellectually handicapped, but you’d be a candidate for special education in most states education system. You can be expected to perform unskilled labor just fine.”

      Not sure what the hang up is on “finding a way to make everyone pay”. He has the Strength and the connections to make things happen. He may not be the brightest or the best at fighting off magic, but he is just one member of a Shadowrun team, and is optimized for brutality. He has friends who help him make the right decisions or guide him when it’s needed. Not every character is going to be a jack of all trades. How would you have built him differently?

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