Super Smash Bros. For WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE… U


Our first post of 2015 will be covering an absolutely fantastic game for the Nintendo Wii U, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U!

Pretty sure there could have been a better name for that.

At any rate, this game is full of characters, more than any Smash title to date. At a staggering 49 characters, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a character you won’t like to spend your time getting to know. For those that don’t know the history of the franchise, there are several Nintendo titles’ worth of characters to choose from, ranging from Super Mario Bros. to Fire Emblem, so you have a lot of choices to make.

This game was received in two very different ways. Tournament players almost automatically denounced this particular title, based on changes to character balancing and other factors (that I frankly don’t understand, nor have noticed as I’ve played every title to date) but the other half was very, very well taken to it.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s see some pictures.”


Shulk activating a Monado power.

Shulk smashing Dark Pit and Fox with his Monado sword.

Shulk smashing Dark Pit and Fox with his Monado sword.

I was very excited to learn that several characters were added to this game that were not in previous installments. The first, shown above, is Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade is a game that Nintendo released that wasn’t as popular as it could have been, but ended up being a cult classic. His upbeat attitude always makes sure you’re “really feeling it!”

Robin, my personal favorite character in this title.

Robin, my personal favorite character in this title.


Robin unleashing a deadly Thoron.

Next is Robin, from Fire Emblem Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS. Robin fights with a Levin Sword and a Magic Tome, capable of casting four different types of spells, all from the Fire Emblem series. Up above, you see Thoron, a lightning spell. Not pictured are Elwind, Arcfire and Nosferatu (that actually drains life from your opponents!) Don’t plan on spamming these powerful spells, as you’re locked out for a while after a few uses.

Also of note, Robin is dual-gendered. Because Robin is FE: Awakening’s main character, you were able to select either a male Robin or a female Robin; this appearance is no exception. (I always choose female.)


Mega Man using a Spark Shock on a very surprised Diddy Kong.


Mega Man’s Top Spin taking Sonic the Hedgehog and Diddy Kong for a ride.


The character EVERYONE was waiting for! Mega Man has a multitude of abilities from different games in which bear his name, such as Metal Blade, Top Spin, Flame Slash and, as seen above, Spark Shock. He can also charge his Mega Buster for a powerful strike, and Rush can be summoned at a moment’s notice to help save him from falling off the ledge.

There are many, many characters to choose from, and while there are a couple of pairs that are practically clones of one another, such as Marth and Lucina, and Pit and Dark Pit, there are very minute differences between these clones that make them distinguishable enough to be individualized. For example, Some of Marth’s attacks are slightly more powerful, yet Lucina’s have a slightly longer reach.

This game introduces Amiibo figures — small, very well made figures that are being released a few characters at a time, likely to build demand for them. You use them by touching them on the Wii U gamepad to create an NPC version of the character you bought. Either have the Amiibo as a teammate or an enemy, it’s up to you! I plan on getting as many as I can because they’re extremely well made and I love them to pieces.

Overall, I rate this game very highly. I’m not a tournament player or a professional player by any stretch of the imagination, but this game is an absolute blast. From the first-introduced “eight-man smash” that lets up to seven friends play along with you, or by collecting hundreds of outstandingly appealing trophies from just playing the game, it’s been nothing but enjoyable for me. If you like fighting games and Nintendo, give it a try!

Final verdict – 9/10

I’ll see you soon, where I’ll be reviewing Dragon Age: Inquisition! Have a great week!


Dave Rehm

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