Where to find hidden gems for miniature terrain pieces

For all those out there that like to use miniature terrain and/or gaming tiles, like Dwarven Forge, I wanted to share with you a place I’ve found a couple of decent finds.

Michaels, a fairly common craft store, has reasonable prices, (especially when combined with coupons that range about 20 – 50%) and a good selection of pieces that can be used with any miniature terrain enthusiast.  I’m newer to the miniature terrain field myself, but I’ve found many pieces that fit my miniature terrain needs and I wanted to share them with you today.

Just recently, I purchased this civil war bridge (though it’s completely usable in a medieval setting), found here and in the picture below.  I was only able to score a 20% coupon at the time, and it was selling for $7.99, so I got it for $6.39.  Considering I was finding it on Amazon for over $11, I was stoked.  It’s a strong, heavy piece that seems practically unbreakable.  Miniatures have no problems fitting on the bridge, though since it is steep on each side, they may slip on the ends.  This is easily fixed with some sticky tack thrown on the bottom of a mini’s platform.


In addition, I found this wooden bridge (seen below and alongside the Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles), for only $4.99, but again with a coupon, it makes the purchase that much more desirable. The only downside is that the character’s miniatures don’t fit on the bridge itself.  I mention that mainly because for some people, that is a deal breaker, which is completely understandable; however, I found it to be just a beautiful decorative piece and couldn’t pass it up.  (In fact I have 3 of them now)

wood bridge

I was also pleasantly surprised to find this castle tower in the craft wood section.  It’s supposed to be used as a birdhouse, but for me, I just need to throw some paint on it (haven’t gotten to it yet) and for under $5.00, I’m looking at a great centerpiece for an adventure.  I could use it as a lone tower on an island in a long forgotten place, or the only building left standing of a castle torn apart by war.

Now, while the miniatures don’t fit inside, I can easily create the tower separately with Dwarven Forge dungeon pieces, for when the players explore it.  To some, that may seem like a double effort, but then it doesn’t have to be to scale, allowing me the option to expand the size of the tower, as I see fit.

wood castle

When I do get a chance to paint the tower, I’ll have to update this article so we can see how it all turned out.

In addition I’ve found a multitude of other miniature items at Michaels, including a fountain, trees, books, a grass roll out base, rocks, bushes, as well as mountain scenes can you buy in a box, though I haven’t tried those yet.

All in all, I’ve found some great pieces that will spice up the realistic feel of the world I’m trying to visually create for my players, that can be used over and over again.  Hopefully you’ll find the same.



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