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Back in March, I posted an article about the up and coming new RPG, Otherworlds and had the pleasure of interviewing Vincent Baker, its creator.  The article can be found here.  We delved into some of the game’s inspiration, design and even detailed a brief adventure’s highlights.  Now, Otherworlds is taking it to the next level, as their Kickstarter is launching today, May 1st!  We at 3-Sided Die are very excited and hope you’ll join us in spreading the word for a TRPG like never seen before…OTHERWORLDS!

Check out the Otherworlds kickstarter HERE:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1614383599/otherworlds-the-limitlesstabletop-rpg/description.

Now a word from Vincent Baker himself:

Otherworlds Kickstarter Launch Special – with Vincent Baker

Hey! The name is Vincent and I’m the creator of Otherworlds the limitless tabletop RPG. My Kickstarter for Otherworlds has launched May 1st and I’m happy you’re checking out this exclusive article that I wrote for the readers of 3-Sided Die.

Back in the day

Ever since I can remember my father had me playing Final Fantasy and Pokémon. I’ve really been hooked to games ever since. Being able to get lost in a fantasy world where your wildest imaginations could come true just fascinated me as a thought and as children we all have that spark in us. I find it’s important to maintain that and keep our imagination alive.

When I was about eleven I started playing Otherworlds or what we called, “The Mission Game.” This was my friends, cousin, sister and I, getting together, accomplishing missions and receiving rewards and loot as we progress through the adventures I had created.


Fast Forward

In high school when I was 16, I wanted Otherworlds to go public so I hosted a website and put together a text-based RPG for Otherworlds. On the site players could choose any race they wanted, make their characters and backstories, and it lead to some really interesting and fun times. However College was around the corner and I realized the community had hit a steep barrier that halted its progression. Text-based roleplaying games are just complicated to the average person, especially trying to learn one over a computer screen.

Level Up!

I had an idea, why not take Otherworlds to the tabletops? D&D is a great game and I definitely didn’t want to compete against it or the other top dogs in the industry without some serious defining features. So with some thought I realized that the very make up of Otherworlds is vastly different than the other games in the industry. Otherworlds has a unique take on science fantasy with many unique worlds you can adventure and explore in.

Most other games don’t have this type of reach, they are stuck being a medieval fantasy, space opera or horror, whereas Otherworlds could be any combination of the three and more. On the flip side of that, some games try to stretch so far into fitting as any genre that it loses its own identity.

Everything in Otherworlds feels like it’s in its own identity and that’s a strong purpose I wanted to emphasize.


Flavor, stories and themes isn’t the only defining factor you need to make a distinct game. People expect the game to be played differently as well, but to feel familiar enough so they feel comfortable playing it. With this in mind, I took the design of Otherworlds from a different vantage point. I made the game with the same design principles I learned while studying Magic: The Gathering. I built Otherworlds so that the simplicity wouldn’t sacrifice depth. You can have both and strength in both of those aspects was a key focus for Otherworlds.


Friends Forever!

Of course I wouldn’t be anywhere where I am now without the support of my friends. I’ve met many people through the course of hosting Otherworlds events, all of which I now consider a friend of mine and it’s even how my girlfriend and I got together!


In honor of my friends that’s helped me so much; I’d like to briefly mention them below as I could never thank them enough for the amount of help they’ve given me.

Trey Falco, John “Ajax” Fredrickson, Joshua Avenall, Zack Allen and Tyler “Talon” Burdette have all helped me with play testing, ideas, mechanics and the sort when it’s comes to Otherworlds. Trey and Ajax have been there for me since 2010, so they are part of the “OG Otherworlds” friends that I have.

Others that have really helped (but not limited to) Tiffany Allen, Joey Avenall, Dannelle Duemmel, Jacob Henderson, Taylor Higgins, Tanner Lackey, Sean Kirven, Jon David Manning, Anthony “Shredder” Maggard, Patrick McGill, Andrew Rushton, Alex Smith, Bo Smith, Timothie Spearman, Steven Sykes, Audrey Ross Burke, Trey Falco, Aimme Gray, Tony Scott, Ted Thomas, Britnie Waddelow, Aisu Kouta and all of my family!

In Closing

Although this article is coming to a close, I will say that this is a new beginning for Otherworlds. So a huge thanks to you, 3-Sided Die and everyone else that’s accompanied me on this long and thrilling journey. I hope that in moving forward you continue to bless me with your unyielding support. If you wish to keep up with me and my antics follow me and my game at the following links.

Website: www.otherworldsrpg.com

Personal Twitter: @TheVindicated

Otherworlds Twitter: @OtherworldsRPG

Otherworlds Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theotherworldsuniverse

Otherworlds Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/otherworldsrpg

Otherworlds Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/otherworldsrpg

Otherworlds Pinterest: http://www.instagram.com/otherworldsrpg

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