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It can be a hard choice when deciding whether to purchase your RPG fare at a local gaming store or the largest internet retailer in the US like Amazon; however at times like this, it really pays to go with Amazon.  Amazon always has pretty good deals, but currently, their prices for some of the hottest RPGs are at ridiculously low prices.

For instance, the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons core books, modules, dungeon master screens and starter kits, which you can find right here.  The core books are at a whopping 50% off the cover price (coming in just under $24).  The modules and DM screens are hovering around 28 – 33% off and the starter kit is almost 40% off.

This image belongs to Wizards of the Coast at

This image belongs to Wizards of the Coast at


Some of my fondest memories come from 26 years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Never a bad choice!

For those of you ever interested in playing Pathfinder, which as some refer to as Dungeons & Dragons Version 3.75, the core rulebook is also seeing a great price, with 40% off the core rulebook!  That’s nothing to sneeze at and can be found here.  This book has almost 600 full color pages and is a great system.  One of my favorite characters comes from this RPG.  A lawful/good necromancer who believes that raising the dead are not a means of servitude, but a way for their legacy to live on.  He only raises the dead from marked grave (so he can properly document their achievements), tends to them, provides armor and weapons for them (polished and looking as regal as he can) and cares for them as one would children.  (He is a lot of fun to play)

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For those of you that like more modern day / futuristic RPGs, the Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG is coming in at around 28% off the hardcover price, which you can find here.  Shadowrun is also a full color book, coming in at around 475 pages and I can tell you from experience, this game is A LOT of fun to play.  Highly versatile and customizable, it makes for some really great diversity in a group.  I have three characters that I switch in and out of, including a Troll Tank (who turned 5 guards into chunky salsa with a well placed grenade using a human as a shield), an elven decker (with a penchant for being a total dbag and putting viruses and back doors into paydata) and a Human Infiltration Specialist (Russian spy who is an expert in called shots).

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If you were ever thinking about jumping into a new RPG or just RPGs in general, now is a REALLY good time.



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