Gaming Terrain Spotlight

Today I wanted to pay homage to a gaming terrain master, Duane Clark.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Duane personally about his work, but talking about his pieces won’t do them the justice they deserve. Each piece he creates is not only finely detailed, down to the last twig or blade of grass, but made to tell a story.  His pieces truly are a work of art and I felt they needed to be shared with our community.

For starters, check out this piece:

Swamp Pond 2

Look how beautifully constructed it is!  From the large decrepit trees jutting out of the muck ridden pond, down to the lily pads carelessly floating on the surface of the water.  And the skeleton in the center, what’s his story?

Here’s a closer look at the center of this piece:

Spooky Swamp Pond

I find myself drowning in the perfection and realism of this piece.  The detail is just AMAZING.  Everything looks like it just belongs there, meticulously placed exactly where it was meant to be to provide the maximum effect.

Here are some more pictures of Duane’s work:

Wooden Pond and Bridge

The damaged wooden bridge over this pond, is spot on.

Fall Lake

I not only loves the fall leaves in this piece, but how the ground around the small pool looks moist to the touch, even though we know it’s not.  It’s that level of detail that makes Duane’s work so fantastic.  Look at how perfectly placed the scattered dirt and the stray pieces of grass are.

Forest 1

Forest 2

This piece I find extraordinary.  From the dry, fallen leaves on the ground, to the white spume of the water as it goes over the rocks in the river.  Even the moss on the rocks next to the river bed or the vines growing up the side of the tree show how much heart Duane puts into each of his pieces.

Here are a couple more great pieces that Duane’s created.  His specialties are buildings and woodland scenery.

Ritual Stone



Wizards Tower

As you can see, Duane, who has surprisingly only been doing this since 2015, is already a master in the art, creating highly detailed pieces, each with its own story to tell.  If you are interested in seeing more of his work or would like to commission a piece, you can contact him on his website, Evolved Creations or you can check out his Facebook page as well here:   Bits & Pieces.



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