Role Playing Rulebooks at GREAT prices

It can be a hard choice when deciding whether to purchase your RPG fare at a local gaming store or the largest internet retailer in the US like Amazon; however at times like this, it really pays to go with Amazon.  Amazon always has pretty good deals, but currently, their prices for some of the hottest RPGs are at ridiculously low prices.

For instance, the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons core books, modules, dungeon master screens and starter kits, which you can find right here.  The core books are at a whopping 50% off the cover price (coming in just under $24).  The modules and DM screens are hovering around 28 – 33% off and the starter kit is almost 40% off.

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This image belongs to Wizards of the Coast at


Some of my fondest memories come from 26 years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Never a bad choice!

For those of you ever interested in playing Pathfinder, which as some refer to as Dungeons & Dragons Version 3.75, the core rulebook is also seeing a great price, with 40% off the core rulebook!  That’s nothing to sneeze at and can be found here.  This book has almost 600 full color pages and is a great system.  One of my favorite characters comes from this RPG.  A lawful/good necromancer who believes that raising the dead are not a means of servitude, but a way for their legacy to live on.  He only raises the dead from marked grave (so he can properly document their achievements), tends to them, provides armor and weapons for them (polished and looking as regal as he can) and cares for them as one would children.  (He is a lot of fun to play)

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For those of you that like more modern day / futuristic RPGs, the Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG is coming in at around 28% off the hardcover price, which you can find here.  Shadowrun is also a full color book, coming in at around 475 pages and I can tell you from experience, this game is A LOT of fun to play.  Highly versatile and customizable, it makes for some really great diversity in a group.  I have three characters that I switch in and out of, including a Troll Tank (who turned 5 guards into chunky salsa with a well placed grenade using a human as a shield), an elven decker (with a penchant for being a total dbag and putting viruses and back doors into paydata) and a Human Infiltration Specialist (Russian spy who is an expert in called shots).

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If you were ever thinking about jumping into a new RPG or just RPGs in general, now is a REALLY good time.



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20 Question For Shadowrun To Develop Characters – my character’s answer


Image taken from the Shadowrun website. Good old city sprawl.

I’m taking a bit of a break from a gaming post to talk a little bit about fleshing out characters. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a role player and LOVE getting into the minds and souls of the characters I create and play. Currently I’m enjoying a series of Shadowrun games GMed by a friend, currently I’m playing a female magic adept gunslinger named Zune Helhar. Within one of the newest books, Run Faster is a 20 question section, to assist players get to know their character. This I could not pass up. Granted it’s not a insane as Jinx’s 100+ questioner for his last D&D game (Upheaval, which he has talked about on this site in length). I loved that one and I really enjoyed this one, so naturally I thought I would share it with you.

Shadowrun 20 Questions

1. What is the character’s gender?
She is female, pretty much standard. She is an elf, born to human parents. She is strait, although generally she cut herself off from interest in any romantic relationships.
2. What is the character’s physical size?
Zune is average for an elf of her age. She is fit and works out regularly in both strength and flexibility. She was a gymnast in her youth and works to retain the skills she learned. She is more muscular then she may appear, given her style of dress, without being to muscular to inhibit her flexibility
3. What is the color of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
Zune was born as an adept elf and one reflection of this was in her eyes, even at birth. No one is sure if it’s the elf blood or the magi that flows within her or even both but her eyes are a brilliant shade of indigo. Her hair is naturally a golden red and usually kept long with various braids and hair accessories to highlight the unique color. That was in her childhood, now though after everything that happened to her she keeps it dyed black with 2 streaks of indigo in it. Gone also is the length as she keeps it short, not much pas the back of her neck. Her skin is very fair and pale. In her youth she would burn easily so she kept it well protected, in recent years her more nocturnal lifestyle keeps it similar in shade.
4. What is the character’s general appearance?
In Zune’s youth she dressed to accent her elvish qualities, clad in greens, light brown, and yellows. The outfits commonly were dresses, skirts, jeans, simple shirts, all reflecting elvish designs and writings. She nearly always wore sneakers. Currently, she wears nearly all black, although all her clothes are accented with fiber optic colors held only in indigo. Her clothing style is more function now, with armor jackets and armored clothes, usually leather or a similar style fitted tight to her body, with the exception of the jackets. Also she always wears boots. To peers and classmates from her past might not even recognize her now. Being that Zune is an elf she is considered by most to be beautiful. She could never admit to seeing it. She sees herself still as the broken little girl hiding in a cabinet, crying. She has a haunting beautiful gaze with her indigo eyes and an air that you can look but never touch. She tends to be quiet and reserved until the fighting starts then she’s the center of attention because of her physical beauty and cold look as she’s firing her pistols.
5. Where was the character born?
Zune was born and raised just outside of Seattle in one of the very few exclusive rich suburbs. She was a child of privilege for most of her youth, but after everything changed she moved into Seattle and currently lives in the Elvin District, a little too close, for her liking, to the Orc Underground.
6. What is your character’s age?
Zune is currently 28 years old, although being an elf she appears younger the she is. Her appearance is of a young 20 year old, this tends to lead to people making assumptions about her that she will occasionally use to her advantage.

7. What was the character’s family like?
Zune’s family was killed by an assassination group called “Kill Streak.” This was a fundamental change in her entire world. Her father was a scientist and her mother an investor, they worked together for many years, fell in love, married, and had Zune. They were incredibly accepting of her being born an elf. Her father would immerse her in elvin culture and her mother had tutors teach her to speak fluent elvin, even learning some herself. She wanted for nothing. She did well in school and in gymnastics, much to her parents’ pride. When they were killed it destroyed the Zune that she was and gave rise to the Zune we see now.
8. Has the character begun her own family?
She has no current plans to start a family. She has put all her life and any potential life on hold until she has killed every member of “Kill Streak.” There may be a chance when that happens but until then she put all thoughts into focus on getting her revenge.
9. Where or how was the character educated?
Zune was educated until high school in a privately funded, non corporate, rich private school where she excelled, especially thanks to her photographic memory. After her parents were killed she disappeared into the Seattle sprawl. She used the money she took from her parents account to survive the first few years in near seclusion. Later she was taken in and trained by a former Troll mercenary called One-Shot Wartooth. Her education from him helped turn her from the broken child to the Zune we know now. He trained her in firearms, using her adept powers, and surviving in the world she now belonged.
10. Has the character done anything else for a living?
Zune’s only life mission is to eliminate the former members of “Kill Streak” that has been her focus since 16 years old. She has no interest in anything else. Her family’s fortune has provided her the ability to do nothing else. Sadly, vengeance doesn’t pay well so after the money started running out she had to find a job that fit her new abilities.
11. What are the character’s political and religious beliefs?
She hasn’t thought about politics since school had them follow the presidential race to study it for Social Studies. Her beliefs about politics are simply that they are owned by corporations and are bought and sold just like any other commodity. Her religious beliefs are somewhat different, the closest thing to her thoughts are that she is she believes something is out there but it has little to no effect on her. She fears if she thinks about it too much it would force her to see that whatever it is let her parents get taken away from her.
12. What is the character’s moral code?
Zune really has a loose moral code. It’s pretty much defined as, she doesn’t shoot children. Aside from that if anyone draws a weapon on her she feels little to no compassion about putting a bullet into them. She generally believes they choose that course of action and they must deal with the penalties of that. People who were not involved in a shootout, she will avoid brining them into it, but if they do she does not feel it’s her job to save or protect them. This is life in the Seattle sprawl, only the strong survive.
13. Does the character have any goals?
Her only goal in the past 10 or so years is the elimination of “Kill Streak,” everything else in her life it to support that single goal. She is still as angry as she was back then, she cannot move past it. The only plans she has past that is to move from Seattle to Tir Tairngire and disappear and reinvent herself again, but that’s as far as she has planned.
14. Why does the character run the shadows?
As Zune grew older and lived on her own she used her parent’s dwindling fortune to support her life and her goals. That money is now almost gone so she has had to find a source of income. Her only skill set now parallel the skills a successful Shadowrunner needs, so the fit was natural. She runs to support her revenge focused life.
15. What is the character’s personality?
Once Zune was a happy, fun elf girl who was full of life and potential, that’s all different now. For years she was optimistic and fun and a joy to be around. Her friends loved her and she them, her whole life rose before her like a brilliant sunrise. After losing her parents Zune now angry, all the time, she is short on patience and has little interest in the lives of others. She still keeps her connection two old friends close to her and is incredible important to her. For all of her beauty her personality can be a hindrance to find love and new friendship. She seems cold and indifferent to people she newly meets. She is very slow to trust but once trusted she will go to the end for her friends and companions. Fitting into her personality she bears three distinct tattoos on her back, one on her left is an angel’s wing with the word Mother written in elvish, on her right a digital wing with the word “Father” also in elvish, finally across her shoulders, again in elvish is “Revenge Solves Everything.” (This is a nod to my love of Dishonored.)
16. What special qualities does the character posses?
Zune was born a magic adept, gifting her with a variety of special qualities, such as mystic armor, enhanced reflexes, a heightened combat sense, and others. Aside from those, she is an incredibly quick healer and has a photographic memory. She can speak fluent elvish as well as English. Zune is incredible fast when it comes to gun slinging, she may even be as fast, or faster, then a computer controlled pop-up weapon. She can also drive.
17. Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
There are things that Zune has a hard time with or cannot do, for example she has a difficult time dealing with computers, she can easily navigate her comlink, but anything that requires real computer skill she not only cannot handle, she generally won’t even try. She cannot harm children, as a woman whose life was irreparably damaged in her childhood she has a certain fixation on protecting and watching over children, especially girls, who she over identifies with. She can sometimes have trouble dealing with social situations, as someone who was raised rich but then removed from that life she is stuck in how she, in her teens, should act in fancy, or high society settings.
18. What does your character hate?
Zune hates all members of “Kill Streak” as well as the house worker who let them in. She has killed some of them, but she still feels anger toward them. She is also not stupid enough to believe that any of it was their idea, they had a corporate backer, they too are on her Kill List. She is the kind of girl who will burn down the whole corp to get to a few certain people. She has a strong distrust for more people, especially corporate. She also has a strange anger at herself for not being able to do something to save her parents, she knows she couldn’t but the feeling is still there.
19. What does the character love?
There are a few things Zune loves. She still loves her parents, even though they have been separated from her for a long time. She loves One-Shot Wartooth and his wife who took her in when she needed someone most. She also loves her two best friends (Lin Woo and Angel) who have stood by her side since her childhood. She also has a love for whatever gun is strapped to her side.
20. What is the character’s name?
Her full name is Zune Artasia Helhar. She still goes by her given name. The name she is starting to develop on the street is Zune the Reaper. Still some refer to The Reaper, but are unaware it’s her. (She leaves writings written in blood at the site of a “Kill Streak” elimination, mostly about reaping what they have sown.) She has a SIN, because her parents were members of high society and therefore registered to the national SIN. Interestingly after her parents were killed Zune disappeared, people and the press assumed the killers kidnapped her and were waiting for a ransom, but it never came so they assumed the killers couldn’t deal with her or take the heat of the investigation so they killed Zune. As of now when she get fingerprinted or anything similar her SIN comes up as her being dead. Usually she tells people it’s a clerical error and she’s working on it. The Helhar name hold nothing financially but it does still carry some weight, especially within the science circles.

I hope you enjoyed a little venture into the mind and history of my Shadowrun character. She’s quickly becoming a favorite to play. Let me know what you thought.

So here it is my question of the post, I always like to include one, so how much time do you spend not jut building a character but fleshing them out and filling in all the blanks about them. Do you power game and are done or do you create whole histories for them?

Hope you enjoyed,


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Why you should be playing Shadowrun 5th Edition right now

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In 2013, Catalyst Game Labs brought us the newest installment of the Shadowrun Universe, with the 5th edition of the role playing game that takes place in the 6th age.  I’ve never played the previous editions, though I’ve always wanted to.  While my go to RPG is Dungeons & Dragons, there was never a Science Fiction game that really floored me.  Alternity came close, with some interesting choices, but never enough options for my liking.  Anyways, I can’t remember if it was late 2013 or early 2014, but my co-DM wanted to play some Shadowrun.  I was all in for a change, especially something more Science Fiction oriented.  The group seemed to agree and off we went.

I’m the type of person that needs to have the hardcover book in my hand.  I immediately jumped on amazon and ordered it for about $40.  Luckily I had prime shipping at the time, so it came within a couple days.  The book is a monster at almost 500 pages, but boasts beautiful artwork on almost every other page.

After cracking it open, I found out that it is the year 2075 (approximately), and is in a future dystopia themed setting that sets you up to play as Shadow runners, who are those that skirt the law to make a living working for large corporations, that may include jobs of all types, including smuggling, infiltration, bounty hunting, stealing data payloads among other things.  It’s dangerous, you need to think on your feet and always be 5 steps ahead of everyone else, otherwise your shadow-running days will come to a quick end.

I was surprised to find that you didn’t even get into character creation until page 62!   While I found it odd, it was nice to get a very detailed background on the current world and what to expect.  It makes more sense to get the background first, as knowing the type of world you’re in, will make it easier to determine what type of character you would like to play and how well he/she would fit into the mix.

If you don’t already know from reading some of my other posts, is that I’m a power gamer.  I’m not the type who is looking to exploit the game, just someone who enjoys optimization and customization.  So, I skimmed through the background info, knowing I can come back at any time and delved into making a character.  One of the things I really like about Shadowrun, is the give and take concept with the priority system.  There are 5 main priorities to take and you can assign each of them a priority A,B,C,D or E respectively.  Once a priority is assigned, it can’t be used again.  For instance, if you picked attributes at priority A, you’re looking at 24 points to spend on Strength, Intuition or perhaps Reaction.  Priority A is off the table and can no longer be used for the other 4 items to be prioritized, which are Magic, Metatype, Skills and resources.  It really forces you to flesh out the type of character you want to have or need, in order to build it.  I went with a Decker and you can see him in one of my previous posts, here.

So one important thing I’d like to mention about the Shadowrun system, is the rules, their placement and on occasion, their complexity needing a little work.  One of the main frustrations I found when making my characters, was that the rules were not clear.  Take this priority table below:

attribute table

So I’ve picked my priorities, but I quickly ran into an issue.  What do the #’s in parenthesis mean for the metatype?  What does a Magic 6 mean?  What does skills at a 46/10 mean?  It wasn’t clear.  I read through the chapter, looking for some semblance of what these #’s were, but found nothing.  I feel like a lot of the rules written in this book were expecting you to have played previous versions, which unfortunately, I had not.  I can understand that most people don’t jump into a new RPG at $40 with no prior knowledge, so Catalyst probably assumed that most of the revenue would be coming from those that played previous versions, but the clarity was definitely lacking as someone new to Shadowrun.

Another one of my issues, more often than not, when looking for an answer, I would find it in obscure passages, 180 pages after the topic was discussed.  A good example would be the discussion of lifestyles on pg. 95.  Then, on page 375, they talk about team lifestyles and how you can live together with someone else and only pay 1/2 the cost of a lifestyle + 10%.  Something that would have been good to know earlier and now you have to go back and change.  I found this tidbit in the GM’s lifestyle section, something I may not have even decided to read as a player, but puts more nuyen into the player’s pocket, while giving opportunities for players to intertwine their backgrounds.  Again, something that should have been mentioned earlier.

I personally had to create my own document to capture important notes on key things that weren’t explained well and couldn’t be found in the obvious places.  I think they should have separated, large and bold in a note or put some type of symbol for key pieces of information found nested within paragraphs.  Plus, though you don’t want to be repetitive, should have kept all relevant information together, where possible, even if it means repeating.

Now don’t get me wrong, the book is jam packed with information and I do understand it is not always possible to keep the information in the same place, especially when it effects other rules.  One of the great things about this system, is that it does try to cover everything you can think of.  They even have rules for treading water.  While I love the system, it can be a lot of information to take in and I’ve seen on some of the other players faces who are just getting started with Shadowrun, the confusion and the feeling that they are overwhelmed.

We were also really lucky too, for the fact that our GM is well versed in all character concepts and rules, and so was therefore able to help us move forward without much page turning.

One of the things I think Shadowrun does really well, is give you options and customization.  You could make two Dwarven riggers and have them be completely different in concept.  One could focus on all types of drones, one could be surveillance only, one could have no drones and focus on being a master of all vehicles, sporting guns on them to boot.  Two Deckers could have completely different programs.  One could be in it for cyber-combat while another is more infiltration.  That’s even if you have two of the same in a group.  There are MANY different types of concepts including street samurai, covert ops, smuggler, combat mage, face, tank, rigger, bounty hunter or weapons specialist.  I play in a group of 7-8 people and we have seen NO overlap and lots of diversity in our characters.  Plus, you can make combinations of concepts too.  You aren’t pigeonholed into JUST a rigger or JUST a smuggler.  I made a infiltration specialist who is covert ops, has a cyberdeck (and necessary infiltration programs) and is a martial artist to boot.  The customization is limitless.

Another thing I like about the rules system is that to perform any test, you use your appropriate skill and attribute, take that # of dice (d6) and roll.  For every 5 and 6 you get on the die, you get a “hit”.  If you have more hits than the defense test the GM rolls, you win the test.  Granted, there are some variables that can include bonuses or penalties to your dice pool, but that is the meat of every roll in Shadowrun.  For an example of a penalty, if the skill required is not one you took or have, then you can only roll the dice for your attribute, with a -1 penalty to your dice pool.  It’s interesting, it works and it’s a lot of fun rolling 15d6 to see how many 5’s and 6’s you’ll come up with.  There are times when you roll more 1’s than 1/2 your pool and you get a “glitch”, or if you do the same and not a single die hits, which makes it a “critical glitch”.  These make for some great storytelling and side quests to clean up the mess you just made.  They don’t seem to happen that often, but when they do, it’s pretty damn fun.

Another reason why I enjoy playing Shadowrun so much, is because it really makes you think strategically what you are going to do next.  Combat is somewhere between uncommon and common, but by all means, the legwork before a job, the surveillance, the approach, the assumptions, etc., make planning the biggest and most enjoyable part of the game.  Because this is the case, role playing takes the drivers seat, which is something our group has really needed for a long time.  As a DM for Dungeons & Dragons, role playing was never my forte, but I have been continuously working on it in order to make the game come alive in ways they haven’t in the past.  Though I’m not the GM for Shadowrun, there are many more opportunities for role playing and seeing how effective it is at adding to the role playing experience, I’m looking forward to implementing it in my D&D campaign as well.

Overall, if you like RPGs, this one is a winner.  Will you do some book surfing for some of the rules?  Yes.  Will you enjoy just about every second of game time?  Damn right you will.  It’s a fantastic system, with a setting that borders on a darker theme.  Well worth every penny and is why you should be playing Shadowrun 5th edition right now.

– Jinx

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Longtime Dungeon Master, tabletop and video gamer. Been playing D&D and Shadowrun on and off most recently. Ran a post apocalyptic, paragon, 4th edition D&D campaign for a couple years. Running a 5th edition campaign now called "The Fall of Astia". Enjoy Borderlands 1, 2 and even the Pre-sequel (which I tend to play with fellow author Ness), Fallout 3 and 4, Bioshock and Skyrim. (Games this good never get boring) I also indulge in Magic The Gathering, mostly in the Legacy and Modern formats. Please feel free to contact me at for any questions, thoughts or things you'd like to see featured on our site.

Character Spotlight: Elven Decker for Shadowrun 5th Edition

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to talk about a 5th Edition Shadowrun Character I’ve created.  He’s an Elven Decker named Hi-Jinx and here are his stats below.  I’m new to Shadowrun and I want your opinion on what does or doesn’t work, tips, tricks, etc….  I feel like he’s pretty solid, but I want your feedback, in case I’m missing something.  Still working on my contacts, so this is a work in progress, though any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

 Background Synopsis: Hi-Jinx was born with a rare form of osteoporosis normally found in older women, making his bones extremely fragile. He luckily was born into a well off family, who had the money to take care of him appropriately when he was young, including paying for the bone lacing procedure to strengthen his bones.  It couldn’t be performed until after his body stopped growing though, to avoid future complications. The bone lacing ALMOST makes him normal. The cybernetics and armor are partially for his low self-esteem and almost depressive state of mind, to protect him from the world that he feels so vulnerable to.   His most recent run got him into trouble, when he overstayed his welcome in the matrix (something he vows he’ll never do again) and had to suddenly move, before they found his physical body. He ended up moving in with a gunslinger adept, with whom he had performed a couple jobs for (one of the other PC’s) and so she let him stay, as long as he continues to help her cause.

I envision Hi-Jinx as bald, frail and weak looking, (almost like an anorexic) but at the same time, he is loaded up with cybernetics all throughout his body, which are obvious to the naked eye.  Couldn’t find a pic that fit the bill though.

You can find a more user friendly version of the character here:  Shadowrun – Elven Decker – Hi-Jinx.

 Shadowrun Character

Elven Decker – Name:  Hi-Jinx

 Armor+Body:         27         (+12 from Jacket, +3 from Dermal Plating, +2 from R. Cyber Hand, +2 from Left Cyber Hand, +1 from R. Cyber Foot, +2 from L. Cyber Foot, +2 from Aluminum Bone Lacing, +3 from body rating)

Essence:                1.50

Priority A – Resources – 450,000 Credits

Cost:                       Miscellaneous Gear:

345,000                Sony-CIY-720 Cyber Deck (Cost of 345,000 credits), Attributes of 7,6,5,4, Device Rating 4, Programs 4.

Cyberdeck Programs – Armor, Biofeedback Filter, Fork, Exploit (Currently Running)

560                         Additional Common Programs – Browse, Configurator, Edit, Encryption, Signal Scrub, Toolbox and Virtual Machine.

3750                       Additional Hacking Programs – Baby Monitor, Biofeedback, Blackout, Decryption, Defuse, Demolition, Guard, Hammer, Lockdown, Mugger, Shell, Sneak, Stealth, track and Wrapper.

150                         AR Gloves

200                        Biometric Reader

600                         Bug Scanner – Rating 6

100                         Gold Credstick

2500                       Fake SIN – Rating 2

200                         Winchester Shotgun Carrying License – Rating 1

200                         Sony CIY-720 Cyberdeck Use License – Rating 1

200                         Ares Predator V License – Rating 1

200                         Ares Crusader II Machine Pistol License – Rating 1

250                         Goggles – Capacity 5

500                                         Thermographic

2000                                       Smart Link

500                                         Vision Enhancement Rating 1

250                                         Vision Magnification

150                         Earbuds – Capacity 2

500                                         Audio Enhancement – Rating 1

250                                         Select Sound Filter – Rating 1

800                         Motion Sensor – Rating 8

25                           1 Flashlight

125                         2 Light Sticks

300                         Respirator – Rating 6

750                         Medkit – Rating 3

150                         3 Stim Patches – Rating 2

1100                       Living Expenses for 1 month (.5 low lifestyle (share w/ Ness) + 10% (per Team Lifestyle costs)

363810                  Total – Standard Gear and Living Expenses

Cost:                       Weapon 1:

725                         Heavy Pistol – ARES Predator V

725                                         Smart Gun System

125                                         Laser Sight

500                                         Silencer

50                                           10 Spare Clips of Ammo

2125                       Total – Weapon 1


Cost:                       Weapon 2:

1300                       Winchester Model 201

125                                         Laser Sight

50                                          50 Bullets

1475                       Total – Weapon 2


Cost:                       Weapon 3:

830                         Ares Crusader II Machine Pistol

2500                                       Smart Firing Platform with Clear Sight Autosoft (Slaved to my cyberdeck)

125                                         Laser Sight

50                                          10 Clips of Ammo

3505                       Total – Weapon 2

Cost:                       Armor:

1000                       Armor Jacket

250                                         Fire Resist – Rating 1

250                                         Chemical Prot. – Rating 1

500                                         Non-conductivity – Rating 2

2000                       Total – Armor Cost

Cost:                       Bioware/Cyberware:

5000                       Cyberdeck implant – Essence 0.4

1000                       Data jack – Essence 0.1

5000                       Cyber Left Hand – Essence 0.25

6000                                       Armor Rating – 2

5000                       Cyber Right Hand – Essence 0.25

6500                                       Agility Upgrade – Rating 1

6000                                       Armor Upgrade – Rating 2

5000                       Left Foot – Essence 0.25

6000                                       Armor Upgrade – Rating 2

5000                       Right Foot – Essence 0.25

3000                                       Armor Upgrade – Rating 1

9000                       Dermal Plating – Rating 3 (Armor +3) – Essence 1.5

13000                    Reaction Enhancer – Rating 1 – Essence 0.6

18000                    Aluminum Bone Lacing (Armor +2, Body +2, Strength +2P for unarmed dmg) Essence 1.0

93500                    Total – Bioware / Cyberware

4085                       Current Nuyen

Priority B – Skills  36/5

36 Skill Points / 5 Group Points to spend (no specialization of groups)

Specialized denoted with a *.

 Individual Skills:

*Cybercombat – Rating 6                                   Specialization: Devices

*Electronic Warfare – Rating 6                         Specialization: Encryption

*Hacking – Rating 6                                           Specialization: Devices

*Negotiation – Rating 2 (4 Karma)                    Specialization: Bargaining

*Longarms – Rating 6                                        Specialization: Shotguns

*Pistols – Rating 2                                              Specialization: Revolvers/Single Shots

*Gunnery – Rating 2 (4 Karma)                         Specialization: Automated Defenses

Skill Group:

Electronics: 5 – Includes Computer, Hardware and Software

Knowledge Skills/Languages:  (Language – English – Native)

22 Free Skill Points to spend (Logic 6 + Intuition 5) x2 = 22 points

 Street – Security Companies – Rating 4

Professional – Police Procedures – Rating 5

Street – Fences – Rating 4

Professional – Corporate Matrix Protocols and Procedures – Rating 4

Professional – Military Hacker Protocols and Procedures – Rating 4

Interests – Video Games – Rating 1

 Attributes: Priority C = 16 Points, all stats start at 1, unless otherwise noted.

Body – 1 (3)                          (Aluminum Bone lacing)

Agility – 5 (6)                        (Start with 2 as an elf, 1 additional from cyber arm)

Reaction – 2 (3)                    (With Reaction Enhancers)

Strength – 1                          (3P for unarmed damage from bone lacing)

Willpower – 4

Logic – 6

Intuition – 5

Charisma – 3                         (Start with 3 as an elf)

Edge – 1

Priority D – Elf (0)

Priorty E – Magic or Resonance – NONE


Codeslinger – Hack on the Fly:  -10 Karma

Codeslinger – Full Matrix Defense:  -10 Karma


Code of Honor – Technomancers – +15 Karma

Insomnia – +10 Karma

So again, please let me know what you think, where I can improve and any suggestions you might have for Hi-Jinx. He looks forward to getting into trouble, but not deep enough where his seemingly vulnerable self (his armor is fairly high) could get hurt.

Thanks all!


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Longtime Dungeon Master, tabletop and video gamer. Been playing D&D and Shadowrun on and off most recently. Ran a post apocalyptic, paragon, 4th edition D&D campaign for a couple years. Running a 5th edition campaign now called "The Fall of Astia". Enjoy Borderlands 1, 2 and even the Pre-sequel (which I tend to play with fellow author Ness), Fallout 3 and 4, Bioshock and Skyrim. (Games this good never get boring) I also indulge in Magic The Gathering, mostly in the Legacy and Modern formats. Please feel free to contact me at for any questions, thoughts or things you'd like to see featured on our site.

In case you were wondering…

Jinx here…and I’ll be responsible for the tabletop RPG portion of this blog along with the other admins, brightmatrix who will be handling all things MTG (Magic The Gathering) and Ness, who will take the reins for video games.

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Found at

I’m pretty well versed on all three topics, so there may be some cross-over content at times, but my first priority will always be the tabletop RPGs.  I’m looking forward to helping you all in any way I can, and even though my main focus will be D&D 4E and Shadowrun 5th Edition, I’d like to delve into other games like Numenera or throw in some old school stuff like Alternity or Earthdawn. We’ll see where the wind takes us.  I’ll do my best to spread out and experience as much as my wallet and time allows, but there is more than enough material to work with.  I mentioned in my first post, I’d like to go over some of the topics I’d like to explore, so here they are:

Character Spotlights:  This recurring topic will focus on some of the characters I (and my fellow players) have come to know, play and love. I’ll have detailed descriptions of builds, synergies, background information and some of their finest moments come to life.

Building a Better PC:  This will be another recurring topic that is Power gaming and Optimization at its finest.  I plan on picking a new class/race combination each month or two, and do my best to create a masterpiece with it! Now, keep in mind that these will be how “I” envision them and will most likely not be riddled with loopholes that make him unstoppable. That’s not the type of power gamer I am. I ENJOY poring through the options and rules, looking for something different…trying to find a power synergy of my own design. I’ll also include a character background, as it’s one of the most important parts! I already have numerous class/race combinations in mind.

Encounter Spotlight:  A detailed breakdown and background of an encounter I’ve either run before or could be running in the future; or just something I’ve come up with that has no place in my current campaigns, but sounded cool in my head.

Campaign Building/Tools of the Trade/Resources: Kind of self-explanatory, but I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can with spreadsheets, tools, resources that I’ve either created or found that are useful in some way or another.

A Picture is worth a 1000 Words:  Perhaps one of my favorite topics, which will most likely be once every couple of months (due to time constraints), is simple in appearance, but complex in execution.  I’m going to post a picture… some form of medieval fantasy art and from just that one image, I plan on writing a 1000+ word story for that picture.   For me, it’s an invitation to inspiration and development of my own writing skills; I hope it ends up being the same for you.  Any submissions from our readers will be reviewed by all our admins and the top story will be posted in our blog, proudly promoting its author and their respective information, if they so desire.

I’ll also have general D&D topics and numerous one offs, as I’m inspired or inclined to do so, possibly even some board game reviews, as well as some MTG Deck Spotlights for decks I’ve created and would like feedback on. There will be times that I ramble on about how much I love the Borderlands series, Fallout 3, Skyrim or Bioshock games on XBOX 360, but my main focus will always be tabletop RPG’s.

I’d also like to find out what else you guys want to see here, so please send me your topic ideas and I’ll be happy to try and include them in the myriad of ideas I already have going on in my head.  My email address can be found in my profile here.

Also, at some point in the future, I’m going to take the time to explore DND Next. It may not be until it’s out and available, as until then, it’s mostly just speculation and I’d prefer to have a finished product in my hands, before talking about it.

Well, that’s all for me today.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


About jinx_the_bard

Longtime Dungeon Master, tabletop and video gamer. Been playing D&D and Shadowrun on and off most recently. Ran a post apocalyptic, paragon, 4th edition D&D campaign for a couple years. Running a 5th edition campaign now called "The Fall of Astia". Enjoy Borderlands 1, 2 and even the Pre-sequel (which I tend to play with fellow author Ness), Fallout 3 and 4, Bioshock and Skyrim. (Games this good never get boring) I also indulge in Magic The Gathering, mostly in the Legacy and Modern formats. Please feel free to contact me at for any questions, thoughts or things you'd like to see featured on our site.